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Tech Audience Online: Biggest and Best Independent Tech Media Network

  • 9.2 million unique visitors and 30 million page views / month
  • #1 source of breaking news on Techmeme Leaderboard since inception
  • First read for VCs, start-ups, corporate execs, PR/press and tech enthusiasts
Audience Statistics:
  • Male: 80% male
  • Affluent: 47% HHI $100k + per yr
  • Connected: 65% spend 40+ hrs per week online
  • Balanced: 40% Co. (100 + employees); 60% Co. (<100 employees)
  • Decision Makers: 40% IT or Technical Resource; 30% ‘C’ Suite Business; 60% Decision Makers
  • Social: 67% use social apps for business; 46% find TC content via RSS or social stream
For Week by Week or Monthly Advertising opportunities, we offer*:
  • 125 x 125 Sponsorship Squares
  • Best eCPM for a technology audience
  • Inclusion in our bi-weekly “Thank You Sponsors” post
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For CPM Ad Units and Premium Branding, we offer*:
  • 728 x 90 Leaderboards
  • 300 x 250 Medium Rectangles
  • 300 x 600 Wide Skyscrapers
  • 665 x 250 Half Pages
Please contact our Sales Director directly at for requests-for-proposal and additional pricing information.
*Requires a $5,000 minimum budget for consideration.
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To purchase self-service advertising through isocket:
1. Pick the ad inventory you wish to purchase. For example, our 125×125 TechCrunch Monthly Sponsorship.
2. Check date availability.
3. Place your order: register, pay, upload your creative.
The TechCrunch Network
source: Google analytics, trailing 30 days ended January 31, 2010

Uniques / Mo Pageviews / Mo
TechCrunch 4,800,000 17,000,000
TechCrunch RSS 4,200,000 30,000,000
CrunchGear & MobileCrunch 2,600,000 4,950,000
TechCrunchIT 75,000 150,000
CrunchBase 900,000 2,600,000
TechCrunch FR 150,000 350,000
TechCrunch EUROPE 200,000 350,000
TechCrunch JAPAN 100,000 500,000
You’ll be in Good Company
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