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19 October, 2011

NaviFirm+ 1.4

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NaviFirm+ 1.4 Change-Log:
- New: the download manager has been rewritten from scratch. Using the new Download Queue you can enqueue all the fw files you need to download, while keeping to use NaviFirm+
- Improved: the Parse VPL checkbox has been removed, you can change this setting through the NaviFirmPlus.exe.config file

NaviFirm+ 1.3 Change-Log:
- Fixed: Bad layout on Chinese System
- Improved: Minor GUI changes

NaviFirm+ 1.2 Change-Log:
- Fixed: Error when downloading large files.
- New: Added filesize and filetype details.
- New: Parse VPL option, will automatically download and parse the VPL file and will select mandatory fw files.

NaviFirm+ 1.1 Change-Log:
- New: Added support for Nokia Care Suite Server! This server contains additional fw files, like the Drive E: 16Gb file for N8.
- Improved: At startup will use the latest server choosen by the user.

NaviFirm+ 1.0 Change-Log:
- Fixed: The connection to the Quality Assurance server wasn't working properly.

NaviFirm+ 0.9 Change-Log:
- Fixed: Due to some old debug code I forgot, NaviFirm+ unexpectedly closed itself after the 20 December.

NaviFirm+ 0.8 Change-Log:
- Fixed: crash on Windows 7.

NaviFirm+ 0.7 Change-Log:
- Improved: From now on this software, available on Symbian-Toys.com website, will be named NaviFirm+ in order to distinguish it from other variants.
- Improved: Download window provides detailed informations about the downloads

NaviFirm+ 0.6 Change-Log:
- New: Can be embedded as NokiaCooker's plugin

NaviFirm+ 0.5 Change-Log:
- New: Added Caching
- New: Advanced Filter for Results
- New: Copy URLs to ClipBoard. This feature can be used to download files using any extenal Download Manager you like.
- Improved: Columns can be resized
- Improved: Window can be resized

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