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29 December, 2011

Infinity Nokia Best dongle 1.35 Version released

Infinity Nokia  Best dongle  1.35 Version released

  USB flashing improved

- USB loaders updated to 11.48 (v2011.48.0)

- Added N900 (Maemo) eMMC flash support
- During eMMC flashing device will be wiped
- Only eMMC flashing activated for MeeGo
- Ini updated
- Updated stuff files (pm's, hwc files)
MAEMO limitations
- eMMC can't be flashed separately, flash ONLY BOTH files if want flash eMMC
- N900 user code request will NOT resets on latest SW
For reset code request follow the following procedure :
Get correct for your region MCU image with SW10 version (RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.19)
Use Custom flashing option, Flash ONLY RootFS Device will not ask for code anymore

Update Discussion  HERE

Download update HERE

More Updates coming soon ... Keep tuned

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