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19 July, 2012

Infinity-Dongle [BEST] v1.48 released

[BEST] v1.48 Released 

 Whats New

USB flashing improved
- BB5 USB loaders updated
- MSM72x flashing (Lumia 610) was broken on previous release, fixed
- Added ASIC check for BB5, from now not possible flash wrong firmware (e.g. RAP4 to BCM and others)
- Maemo/Meego flashing revised, work now on XP without problems 
- Maemo (N900) error handling added (if will be errors, like CMT,APE, e.t.c. faults, BEST show reasons and way to fix them) 
- RPL reading during flash improved for XG213 
- MeeGo eMMC only flash improved
- MeeGo USB loader updated

- Service operations improved 
- Improved XG213 RPL reading
- Added SelfTest option for Lumia series (battery/power/e.t.c diagnostic)
- Fixed hang during PM read/write on some models
- During Cam Check/Repair also will be done HW check (Detect HW fault, show reasons of error)
- For CNT reset added default SL tables for XG213 phones (replace/repair damaged tables, CS repair after bad reset)
- XG110/DCT4+ reset user code improved ( set to default 12345 without data lost / full reset)
- New Operator/Country info with new base (BB5/Infineon - Lock info)
- Security repair for N73 improved (res
tore ccc/hwc)

- SL3 simlock extraction improved
sl: Added support for new types
sl: Added new way of rpl validation during recovery 
sl: Added support SL3/SL30 simlock extraction even from working , but SL damaged phones (!!!in SOME cases!!!)
sl: Added auto rpl complete in some damage cases
sl: Added support for locked phones (under test)
sl: Improved SL3 simlock extraction and pre-validation 
sl: Rewriten SL30 simlock extraction
sl: Added SL30 simlock pre-validation 
sl: SPR reading improved
sl: Revised support of override SL types (skip not SL3/SL30 phones)
As always, simlock present check for free, so, handjob lovers can find some more things now 

- User data operations improved
- Added support for new-type XG213 phones (110,111,112 and same)
XGnew: Phonebook backup/extract/write
XGnew: LifeTimer edit 
XGnew: Gallery backup
XGnew: SMS read/write/extract
- Improved s4pb format - full cross-writing between BB5 S40 , DCT4+ ARM (XG213) , DCT4+
- Improved SMS/Gallery/PhoneBook extraction from phones with partialy damaged FS
- Improved Phonebook/Gallery/e.t.c extraction for some S40/S60 models f
rom FullFlash 
- Improved data extraction from fullflash from S40/S60/S^3 models
- Improved PhoneBook reading from BB5 S40 phones (C3 bug and some others fixes)
- Fixed freeze during extraction on some model (Note! some big-sized (512,1024mb flash - can take up to 10-20-40 minutes!)
- Low Format fixed for 8800 arte

- Other
- Maemo flashing from Normal (powered on state) mode fixed 
- MeeGo/Maemo flash file info added (region, langs,  PR  version, e.t.c)
- Improved flashfiles check (Maemo/MeeGo/BB5/Lumia/Infineon)
- Fixed VPL parser (modem part clear and file checking for Lumia)
- RSA check improved (added new models)
- INI revised
- Some bugfixes
- New WP7 models added (L610c)
- Updated WP7 wipe files
- Updated stuff files (tune/rpl)

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